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Audio Products

The Successful Family Business - Jim Lindell
The Family Business Boon or Bane?
"Practical tips and techniques for helping family businesses be more successful."  "The greatest thing about the family business is that the family is involved.  The worst thing about a family business is that the family is involved."  This audio book will help family members and professional "Hired Guns" perform better in the business.
Download the audio book.  The Zip-file will contain all MP-3 files to listen directly on your Ipod. (Note: the zip file is very large - be patient)
Qty:  Price: $12.95 

why businesses fail - Jim Lindell
Why Businesses Fail
"Practical tips on understanding why businesses fail.  Most importantly, by avoiding these traps, businesses will improve their chances of financial success."
Download the audio book.  The Zip-file will contain all MP-3 files to listen directly on your Ipod. (Note: the zip file is very large - be patient)
Qty:  Price: $9.95 

Excel Products

Altman Z-Score Analysis Worksheet - Thorsten Consulting Group
Z-Score - Predictor of Bankruptcy and Excellent Indicator of overall financial health of an organization
"This spreadsheet will quickly allow the user to calculate the likelihood of going bankrupt.  It should also be used as an overall indicator of financial health.  This metric should be included in all monthly financial analysis.  Worksheet is unprotected, has calculations for 24 periods and a corresponding graph to spot trend movement.
Download the excel spreadsheet which has Z-Scores for Public companies, Private companies (general) and Private companies (manufacturing).
Qty:  Price: $5.95

Decision Matrix Tool - Excel - Thorsten Consulting Group
Decision Matrix Tool - The quick, dirty and practical way to speed up the evaluation process.
"This tool speeds up the time to make selection processes.  Too many teams waste valuable time using judgmental techniques cloaked in weighting metrics.  The team should trust their intuition in determining the best option.  This excel file  will do exactly that.  This decision matrix can be used for processes, projects, career evaluations, etc."
Download the excel worksheet.
Qty:  Price: $4.99

Management Tools

 100 Challenging Questions for any Organization - Thorsten Consulting Group
100 Questions for any Organization -  A Handy tool to quickly identify the issues that are facing any organization.
"This tool speeds up the time to identify and begin to take action on the real issues that effect company profitability and success.  Company management or ownership can be interviewed with the aid of this questionnaire / checklist.

Download the word document.
Qty:  Price: $8.99 

PDF Downloads 
  Business is like Fishing - Humorous Vacation Fishing Trip - Jim Lindell
Business is Like Fishing
"Simple Fishing stories from the Northwoods to improve your business and your life."  The best lessons are often the simplest.  Learn the wisdom that comes from a trip in the Northwoods that will help you be a better person - in business and in your private life.
Download the 80 page PDF book.
Qty:  Price: $8.95 

Mergers and Acquisition - Tricks, Traps and Terrors - Thorsten Consulting Group

M&A - Tricks, Traps and Terrors
"Excellent overview of the M&A process along with practical tips on understanding where most companies make mistakes.  Complete course has : sample confidentiality letter, due diligence checklist, sample asset purchase agreement, negotiation strategies."
Download the 118 page PDF coursebook.
Qty:  Price: $12.95 

Training Tools
I Yam Image - understanding behavior - Thorsten Consulting Group
I Yam What I Yam
"A unique card exercise to help team members and co-workers develop a greater appreciation for themselves and their associates." Participants use playing cards to help better understand their own unique behaviors and how those behaviors conflict or complement other team member behaviors.
Download the Zip-file that contains the instructions and card template.
Qty:  Price: $8.95

no bullshit image - business team card game - Thorsten Consulting Group
NO Bullshit!
"A unique card game designed to help business leaders identify difficult issues that hold back productivity and profitability in the workplace."  Many times team members will not address the underlying issues that influence their day to day business decisions.  This fun card game will help team members better understand themselves, their co-workers and the business risk areas that can impact their daily work performance and the success of the business.
Download the exercise and instructions(excel file)
Qty:  Price: $8.95


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