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Struggling to find good Year-end CPE?  Join Jim on Dec. 28, 2022 for the Controller/CFO Strategic Outlook for 2023 from 8:30am - 12:00pm and Data Analytics from 1:00pm through 4:30pm (all times CST.)  Jim is an award winning as well as one of the top presenters for accounting continuing education in the country.  These sessions will focus on how you can become more strategic and valuable to your organization.  Join us for CPE that is practical, relevant and enriching.  Don't just take any CPE to fulfill your requirements, sign-up for CPE that is worth your time and money!

Jim Lindell's Controller/CFO Strategic Outlook 2023 - December 28, 2022

Data and Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence for Controllers and CFOs - Dec 28, 2022

Jim Lindell's Controller/CFO Strategic Outlook 2023

Controllers and CFOs must help steer the organization through turbulent times.  They must know and influence the organization's vision, department vision and the economic, business, social, political, and technological environment in which they work and compete.

The Strategic Outlook 2023 will help financial professionals identify and understand the trends that will dictate the future environment.  In addition, we will examine the Controller and CFO role and the importance of moving from a "Maintainer" to a "Visionary" mentality.  The course will focus on the critical functions of Efficiency Expert, Financial Analyst, Technology Expert and Futurist.  The traditional accounting role is changing into a hybrid accounting/technological professional and requires more proactive, insightful and strategic financial leadership.


     • Identify economic and future trends that impact the organization and how to make them a component of strategic action.

     • Identify the significant roles that Controllers and CFOs have and how they can be leveraged.

     • Determine how to impact organizational efficiency by adapting lean management techniques and robotic process automation (RPA).

     • Determine how to employ financial analysis through visual and other techniques to improve understanding and communication of essential lessons.

     • Identify how artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data analytics and predictive analytics change the accounting function and use of information.

     • Recognize how an organization's future staffing and employee needs are interdependent and must complement one another to be more competitive.

Who should attend?

Accounting professionals and CPAs that desire to be proactive contributors to the organization's success.

Data and Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence for Controllers and CFOs

The role of the accountant will continue to morph at a rapid pace.  The progression from bookkeeper to accountant to Controller/CFO has changed due to Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.  Accountants will be more valued by what information they can derive and interpret to improve the organization instead of transaction aggregation and reporting.  This course will highlight how Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence will become a central component of the accountant's responsibilities.


     • Understand how Data Analytics is an expectation of accountants.  Reporting is a base commodity and must be improved with Data Analytics in the Accounting/Finance department. 
     • Learn how Visual application can complement and sometimes outweigh traditional financial reporting.
     • Identify the four phases of analytics and their relationship to the accounting function and career advancement.
     • Learn how Business Intelligence impacts the accounting role for staffing, data acquisition and analysis and machine learning (RPA).

Who should attend?

Accounting professionals and CPAs looking to provide more value to their clients.

Customer Testimonials

“Jim, thanks for presenting at our SIMA Conference. Your Financial Heart Attack session was rated 5 out of 5. Attendees made the following comments:

•Best speaker I have seen at SIMA in 7 years. Amazing.
•This was so valuable!
•This was one of the best sessions I’ve attended from any association event. Well done, Jim!
•Best session I attended.
•Easily the most informative session!
•Excellent speaker and topic!
•This was very good. He’s a very organized and smooth speaker, I enjoy listening to him.”

-Cheryl Higley, Director of Education and Content at Snow and Ice Management Assn., Inc

“Jimmy Lindell's seminars are among the highest-rated by our attendees. He always presents relevant information in a highly entertaining and informative format. Jimmy knows how to customize his presentations to suit the needs of his audience. We love working with Jimmy and we are always thrilled to have him come to Indiana each year!”   

 -Stacey L. Wilson, CAE. Director - Learning & Collaboration at the Indiana CPA Society