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Jim is an atypical CPA that delivers humorous presentations on business and self improvement topics.  Bring Jim into your organization or conference to deliver a keynote speech, a workshop or facilitate a Corporate Retreat.  His mission is "Improving People's Lives and their Businesses.  He will do that for your organization and your employees in an entertaining, humorous and practical approach.

Is Your Business Wobbling? Business Entropy and Renewal (Keynote)

Just as a spinning top wobbles as it slows down, businesses wobble as they begin to have difficulties. Learn to recognize the wobble early and implement processes to renew the organization to be more successful. Join Jim in a practical examination of "Wobbling" businesses and more importantly, identify the steps that can be taken to renew the organization.

Little Decisions - Big Results!
(Keynote, Workshop)

Little Decisions – BIG Results! Examines the decisions that drive our daily lives and businesses. Do you truly understand what brought your business, your department or yourself to its current position? Identify the decisions that have directed you and determine how the decisions today will create BIG results in your business, your department or yourself.

1,2,3 - PULL!
(Keynote, Workshop)

What do Cannons, Scrums and Scouts have in common when it comes to Teamwork? Through powerful visuals Jim will demonstrate unbelievable teamwork is possible when you select, develop, inspire and align your team members.

Ethics: A Line in the Sand (Keynote or Workshop)

The pervasive lack of Ethics encompasses all aspects of our daily lives. Everyday newspaper and internet headlines display ethical violations that involove our Governmental Leaders, Sports Heroes, Business Leaders, our Neighbors and our Children. A society that continues to display a lack of respect for Ethical issues is regressive in nature and selfish. This candid look at ethics provides a historical perspective of ethics, reasons why individuals are unethical, practical examples of daily ethical lapses and suggestions how we can raise ethical behavior in ourselves, our family, our workplaces and our government.

The Successful Family Business: Boon or Bane? (Keynote, Workshop, Seminar)

Only when you have worked in a family business can you appreciate the difficulties that occur when companies mix family and business.  Join Jim as he takes a humorous journey through the day to day difficulties in running a family business and also shares ways to help ensure the family business can be successful.

The Profit Puzzle - Planning, Culture and People (Keynote, Workshop)

A candid look at the role of planning and the interdpendence with Corporate Culture and People. Utilized correctly, an organization has the best chance to achieve its goals. If Planning, Culture and People are ignored for the sake of current productivity, the organization's profitability will be jeopardized as will the organization.

Business is Like Fishing (Keynote or Workshop)

The best learning tools are humorous and practical stories with lessons that can be transferred to our daily lives.  Join Jim on a humorous trip through a Northwoods vacation and the practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.  Even if you have never been fishing, Jim takes easy to understand stories that have direct impact to your business or your life.

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