We Improve People's Lives and Their Businesses by bringing them practical tools.  Jim Lindell, President of Thorsten has authored the following:

  • Training Courses for CPAs:
    • Jim Lindell’s Controller/CFO Strategic Outlook 2023

    • Jim Lindell's Data & Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence for Controllers and CFOs

    • Think like a Business Owner

    • Organizational Leadership for Financial Executives

    • Thriving in Recessionary Times

    • Business Longevity

    • Is Your Business Wobbling? Business Entropy and Renewal

    • The Competent Accountant – Mastering the Controller / CFO Role

    • Mergers & Acquisitions: Tricks, Traps and Terrors

    • The Successful Family Business

    • Personal Leadership Skills: Personality, Memory  and NLP

    • Advanced Leadership Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Innovation, Troubled Employees, Team Culture & Project/Change Management

    • Reinventing the Office – Lean Processes

    • Coaching Skills for CPAs, Controllers and Financial Managers

    • Creativity - The Key to Increased Value

    • Ethics - A Line in the Sand for CPAs

    • Successful Presentation Skills for the CPA

    • Successful Time Management - Getting the most out of your day!

    • Business Consulting for CPAs

    • Running a Not for Profit Like a Business

    • Articles by Jim Lindell
  • Courses authored by Jim Lindell no longer offered from contracting organization
    • Controller as Business Manager(rel. Nov. 2014)
    • Analytics and Big Data for Accountants (rel. 2015)
    • 25 Critical Lessons from the Trenches (rel. 2011)
    • Strategic Planning made Simple (rel. 2010)
    • Controller's Annual Update
    • Bottom Line Financial Management
    • Bottom Line Managerial Accounting
    • Survival Kit for the Small Business Executive
    • Fast Close - Reinventing the Close Process (contributing author)
    • Videos:
      • Controller's Annual Update
      • Minimizing the Effects of a Recession
  • Quarterly Continuing Professional Education - no longer in print
    • Electronic Dashboards - Turning Data into Knowledge
    • Increase the Efficiency and Usability of Financial Reports
    • Retaining Top Employees During a Recession

    • Using Social Media to Create Competitive Advantage

    • Hiring in a Post-Recessionary Environment

    • Make your Accounting Department More Efficient

    • Leadership in Business

    • Venture Capital and Growing a Business

    • Planning for Uncertainties in the Operation

    • The CPA and the Future

    • How to Successfully manage the IT function when it reports to the CFO or Controller

    • Cybersecurity

    • How to Make IT Decisions

    • Giving New Meaning to Numbers

    • Board of Directors

    • Understanding Leadership Styles

    • Succession Planning

    • Preventing and Detecting Fraud in the Organization

    • Managing Patents of the Organization

    • Assessing and Managing Organizational Culture

    • Understanding Non-financial Performance Indicators

    • Cost Reduction Strategies in an Organization

    • Transition from Controller to CFO

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Exit Planning

    • Career Development Planning

    • Conflict Management

    • Happiness in Business

    • Data Analytics

    • Softskills and the Accounting Profession

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Order Jim's book - "Controller as Business Manager" Published by the AICPA.

Controller as Business Manager - Jim Lindell - Thorsten Consulting Group - AICPA
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Jim is scheduled to speak at events across the entire country.  If you have a need for a humorous business professional, drop Jim a note.  Be sure to see his one sheet and speaking topics in this website.


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